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Great Tennessee Homeowners Insurance -- We'll Do the Work! 

You probably have a good idea of the value or your home. But do you know how much it would cost to rebuild? 

If the contents of your home were lost or damaged, would you expect to buy brand new replacements or settle for an equivalent value item?

And if you insure your home, who offers the best policies at the best prices?

Having the answers to these and other questions is crucial to insuring your home properly. If you don’t, you could end up seriously out of pocket.

That's why it pays to work with an experienced and trusted agent to find the answers and provide the protection you need. In Hendersonville, that means TN Insurance Depot.

As an independent agent, we work with all the major insurers to secure great homeowners policies that work for your needs and your budget.

Customized Homeowners Insurance at No Extra Cost

Instead of just arranging standard coverage -- though we can certainly do that -- our homeowners insurance experts will customize your coverage to protect your home and contents in the way that suits you.

This includes protecting items of special value and risks you may not have thought about. We also know the local property marketplace, enabling us to provide accurate costs for repairs and replacements.

And, of course, because we're right here in Hendersonville, we can answer your questions and help you if you need to make a claim.

Your Hendersonville Homeowners Insurance Options

The most important elements of a good homeowners policy are liability risk, structural and personal property protection.

Homeowners Liability Insurance: Dog bites, slips and trips and injury caused by falling items are among the risks most homeowners face. You might also be to blame if a falling tree or other issue affects a neighboring property. If an accident happens, you face a possible lawsuit as well as medical costs. Liability insurance covers these costs up to policy limits, which we can adjust according to your needs.

Structural Insurance: This protects the fabric of your house from a wide range of perils including fire, vandalism and windstorm (including tornadoes). If your home has special features that would be costly to replace, we take this into account in arranging your policy. As we explained earlier, what matters from an insurance point of you is the reconstruction cost. However, you don’t necessarily have to rebuild if you choose to go somewhere else.

Personal Property Insurance: Everything in your home, from the carpets, furniture and appliances to your computers, jewelry and collectibles, can be protected in this section of your policy. You may need extra coverage for valuable items, and you'll need to decide if your policy should just cover current values or replacement costs. We can help you with this.

Additional Coverages

Through our homeowners insurance customization program, we'll help you decide if you need additional protections. For example:

  • Flood insurance, which is not included with standard structural coverage.
  • Umbrella insurance, a low-cost way of increasing the limits of your policy.
  • Home business insurance, which may not be covered in the main policy.
  • Sewer backup coverage, which, again, falls outside the main policy

Is Homeowners Insurance a Legal Requirement?

It's not a legal requirement in Tennessee but it'd be crazy not to have these protections in place for the sake of a few hundred dollars. 

Furthermore, if you have a home loan, your lender will almost certainly insist you have coverage.

Why TN Insurance Depot is Your Tennessee Homeowners Insurance Solution

When you choose TN Insurance Depot you gain many benefits that include:

  • Years of experience and expertise to ensure first class, friendly, customer service
  • Potential for great discounts if you have multiple policies, high security, or opt to pay higher deductibles.
  • We do the shopping around for you, saving you time and securing best value coverage.
  • We're here to answer your questions, provide friendly advice and review your policy to ensure you're properly protected.
  • We can insure most types of home including frame-built, manufactured and mobile homes.

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